• European Union: the gateway to the European Union contains information on what the EU is, what it does, and how it works - [link]
  • DG Enterprise and Industry: the Directorate General stimulates innovation, encourages sustainable production, and ensures the smooth functioning of the EU's internal market for goods, opening up business opportunities in space and security research - [link
  • European Commission - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities: the SSH programme implements EU research policies and activities that address changes facing the social, economic, political and cultural make-up of Europe - [link]
  • PRO INNO Europe®: an initiative of DG Enterprise and Industry that aims to become the focal point for innovation policy analysis, learning and development in Europe, with the view to learning from the best and contributing to the development of new and better innovation policies in Europe - [link]
  • Europe INNOVA: an initiative of the EC DG Enterprise and Industry that aspires to become the laboratory for the development and testing of new tools and instruments in support of innovation -  [link]
  • EU Policy Briefs: research talks to policy - [link]
  • Economic and financial crisis: driving the European recovery - [link]


  • IMF: International Monetary Fund - [link]
    OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - [link]
  • UNCTAD: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - [link]
  • World Bank: a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world - [link]
  • IDB: the Inter-American Development Bank provides solutions to development challenges in 26 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, partnering with governments, companies and civil society organizations - [link]
  • UNIDO: the United Nations Industrial Development Organization helps developing countries and economies in transition in their fight against marginalization - [link]



  • GLOBELICS: the global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems - [link
  • MICRO-DYN: an international economic research project dealing with the competitiveness of firms, regions and industries in the knowledge-based economy and the possibilities for job-rich growth in Europe - [link]
  • EFIGE: an FP7 research project focusing on European firms in a globalised world [link]
  • EUROINDIA: an European project aimed at bolstering ICT cooperation between Europe & India, particularly in research and innovation. [link]
  • PLATON+: an EU-funded dissemination project that aims a) to translate and disseminate actual research findings from the SSH disciplines for the benefit of stakeholders, policy makers and business world; b) to facilitate the building of interdisciplinary research teams [link].



  • Eurostat: the Statistical Office of the European Communities - [link]
  • European Cluster Observatory: the European Cluster Observatory provides a wide variety of data on clusters in Europe and is divided into four main sections: mapping; organisations, policy; library - [link]
  • RAMON: the Eurostat's metadata server provides a description of NACE codes and their content - [link]