workshop on policy foresight

The Workshop on Policy Foresight is part of the activities of WP10. It has been organised by the Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex (SPRU, UoS) and the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). It has been held in Brighton, UK on 8-9 September 2011. 

The meeting presented a consolidated overview of the INGINEUS results to a group of selected policy-makers and opinion leaders - primarily from Europe - to derive their implications for development over the next decade and a half. This served as a foresight exercise both to understand the impact of GINs and to appreciate how policy can best influence them so as to increase those of their effects that are beneficial to Europe and its partners. Substantively, the exercise sought to hold constructive discussion around possible issues for the future and to suggest courses of policy action. 


Institutional and policy aspects of Global Innovation Networks - a European perspective (Susana Borrás, CBS) more

Global Innovation Networks: what are they and where can we find them? (Conceptual and Empirical issues) (Helena Barnard, GIBS) more

Programme: - [download]

List of participants: - [download]