[May 2012] Review of Environment, Energy and Economics: an INGINEUS article on FEEM's e-journal Re3
The recent economic crisis has brought to light the importance of opportunities that lie in the newly emerging markets (South). Today, we observe southern multinational corporations acquiring access to key resources of knowledge and technologies through global networks of innovation. Should Europe fear the rise of the South or see this global trend as an occasion to turn the threats into opportunities? Mapping the new geography of innovative activities and understanding barriers to international innovation collaborations has been the main objective of the EU 7th Framework Program project INGINEUS. The article introduces the notion of global innovation networks and presents the main results and policy options for both Europe and its southern partners to gain from challenges faced from the internationalisation of innovation activities. ...read more

[May 2010] SCOOP: INGINEUS latest news on EU firms in the globalisation of R&D activities
INGINEUS contributed an article on “Ensuring a role for European firms in the globalisation of R&D activities” to the SCOOP project. SCOOP is the EU initiative that supports the efforts of the research community to reach policy-makers and to facilitate the flow of information from the research community to other interested audiences, thereby supporting evidence-based policy making.  ...read more

[February 2010] INGINEUS in the PLATON+ fact sheet no.15
INGINEUS was mentioned in the PLATON+ fact sheet dedicated to “Globalisation: you are in competition with the whole world even when you think otherwise!”. PLATON+ is a dissemination project that aims at strengthening the role that Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) have on the ERA. Its fact sheets address the business community and researchers alike, helping them to better understand how the topic can or should be addressed within their activities. ...read more

[July 2009] INGINEUS on the EuroIndia Newsletter
A synopsis of INGINEUS was published on the EuroIndia Newsletter, aimed at encouraging and increasing Euro-Indian collaboration. The Euro-India ICT Co-operation Initiative is a joint endeavour of FP7 and the Republic of India to promote mutual research cooperation through collaborative activities and research projects in the ICT domains. ...read more

[May 2009] INGINEUS on the Coalition Theory Network Newsletter, issue no.11.2009
INGINEUS contributed an article on “Shifting from global production networks to global innovation networks: impacts and interactions with EU strategies”. CTN is an association of eight high-level scientific institutions aimed at the advancement and the diffusion of research in the area of coalition formation. ...read more