mid-term review meeting

The Mid-term Review meeting was organised by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). It was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 1-3 September 2010.

The meeting focused on:

  • The results of the survey
  • The first phase of the research: "Evolution from GPNs to GINs" (WP3, WP4 and WP5)

The meeting aimed also at initiating discussion with external experts and to market for ideas. Outside academics, non-academics, South African policy-makers and EU representatives were invited to comment on the reports and the case studies conducted by participants.

Presentations (1st September 2010):

European research and innovation policy: state of the art and perspectives (Domenico Rossetti, EU Project Officer) read more

GINs in the global economy: results from a survey in 10 countries (GIBS) read more

GINs in ICT: national insights read more

GINs in automotive: national insights read more

GINs in agro-processing: national insights read more

Post harvest Innovatiion Programme (Malcom Dodd) read more

Presentations (2nd September 2010):

WP3: GINs and National Innovation Systems (NIS) read more

WP4: GINs and Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) read more

SurePure: our development roller-coaster (Steve Miller) read more

WP5: GINs and firm strategy read more

Presentations (3rd September 2010):

Capturing the gains: social and economic upgrading in global supply chains (Johann Maree) read more

WP6: GINs and human capital upgrading read more

WP7: MNCs and host-country universities read more

WP8: The impact of GINs in the EU read more

WP9: GINs and sectors read more

WP10: Repercussions for policy read more

Available for partners only in the private area:

  • Minutes
  • Photo gallery

Programme: - [download]

List of participants: - [download]