survey data

The INGINEUS survey aimed at determining the extent to which innovation is taking place in globally dispersed networks. It was conducted across 10 countries, namely Brazil, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. 

Each institute administering the survey chose a sector which was of economic importance within their national or regional context in either traditional low-tech sectors (e.g. agro-processing), medium-tech (e.g. automobile), or high-tech (e.g. ICT). In order to adequately map the trend of outsourcing knowledge-intensive activities and the emerging phenomenon of knowledge creation in developing locations outside the EU, the survey ensured coverage of each sector by a more developed and a less developed country, as indicated below:

  • Agro-processing: South Africa and Denmark
  • Automotive: Brazil, Germany, Italy and a small sample from Sweden
  • ICT: India, China, Sweden, Norway and Estonia

To facilitate cross-country and cross-sectoral comparisons, each country partner provided the results of the national survey along with a methodology report including information about:

  • Database(s) used
  • Observations about the database (e.g. commercially purchased, regionally or focused)
  • Information on data cleaning actions based on:
    - Minimum size (number of employees) of firms contacted from database
    - Size of initial and ultimate cleaned database
    - Job title contacted
    - Mode of contact (face to face visit, phonecall, e-mail, survey monkey)
    - Number of responses

The complete standardised data set of the survey consists of the following documents, also available in the page "project deliverables":

  • Executive summary: a summary of the work underpinning the administration of the survey and the elaboration of its more
  • Methodology report: a document comprising a general survey background guide (i.e. samples’ characteristics, novelty of the data, background survey design, matching survey questions) and individual detailed country methodology reports. more 
  • The complete data file: a comprehensive document including the raw data, the coded data and the procedure to change the coding, if needed. more 
  • Italy – survey results: an excel file including the answers to some of the questions of the INGINEUS survey, other questions related to the project and tables summarising the main outputs. This survey was conducted on the automotive sector in Italy by the Turin Chamber of Commerce and has been provided subsequently. more