work packages

WP3: Global shifts from Global Production Networks (GPNs) to Global Innovation Networks (GINs) and its determinants at country level. more

WP4: Changing roles of latecomer regions in the global economy and its determinants. more

WP5: Understanding strategies of R&D offshoring by Northern and Southern firms. more

WP6: The role of competence building in firms in the emergence and evolution of Global Innovation Networks (GINs). more

WP7: The role of institutional frameworks and local-global interactions in the emerging countries in the emergence and evolution of GINs. more

WP8: Distribution of costs and benefits: the global long-run impact of offshoring of innovation for EU firms. more

WP9: Prospective implications of offshored knowledge based activities: outlook for industries in the EU and emerging economies. more

WP10: GINs and innovation policy. more