citation guideline

  1. The EU-funded project INGINEUS must be acknowledged when any of its output is used. 

    In addition:

  2. The practice to cite unpublished work that appear as deliverables to the EU on the website is to write the exact web address, followed by the date it was accessed.
    Example:, accessed December 12, 2011. 

  3. When using the survey data, the data source is to be cited in a similar way. 
    Example:, accessed December 12, 2011.

  4. Copying passages from the text is not allowed unless explicitly authorised by the author, or when they are relatively short passages (<100 words), in which case they must be put between quotation marks and the page to which the passage refers to must be indicated.

  5. Any breech regarding the disclosure of confidential material is the sole responsibility of the author, not the person who has gathered the data.