INGINEUS participated in the 9th GLOBELICS International Conference on "Creativity,  Innovation and Economic Development" held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 15-17 November 2011.

GLOBELICS (Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems) is an international network of scholars who apply the concept of “learning, innovation, and competence building system” (LICS) as their framework and are dedicated to the strengthening of LICS in developing countries, emerging economies and societies in transition.

The 9th GLOBELICS International Conference was organised around the following topics:

  • innovation, inequality and sustainable development
  • productive dynamics, innovation and economic development
  • knowledge demand and supply in innovation systems: interactions, institutions and policies
  • coping with globalisation; creativity and innovation

INGINEUS held three parallel sessions and a semi-plenary session on Global Innovation Networks in the memory of one of its founders: Jo Lorentzen.


INGINEUS parallel session 1 
"Universities as knowledge producers for economic development"

  • Eike W. Schamp and Andreas Stamm (DIE): "Learning how to establish global knowledge pipelines in multinational companies. Three case studies from the German automotive industry"
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  • Glenda Kruss (HSRC), Eduardo Albuquerque and Gustavo Britto (CEDEPLAR-UFMG): "Global interactions between firms and universities: the roles of South Africa and Brazil in Global Innovation Networks"
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  • Ulisses Dos Santos, Gustavo Britto, Eduardo Da Motta Albuquerque (CEDEPLAR-UFMG): "Global interactions between universities and companies: an evaluation based on the multiple correspondence analysis method" more

INGINEUS parallel session 2
"What do we know about building sustainable national, regional and sectorial innovation systems? Theory and evidence"

  • Vandana Ujjual (UoS) and Stine Haakonsson (CBS): "A diversified Global Innovation Network? The geography of innovation in the case of Novozyme" more
  • Balaji Parthasarathy and V Ranganathan (IIIT-B): "The role of regions in supporting the emergence and growth of Global Innovation Networks: the case of Bangalore, India"
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INGINEUS parallel session 3
"Privatization of knowledge, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and development"

  • Lukasz Grzybowski (FEEM and U Cape Town): "R&D off-shoring strategies" more
  • Maria Comune (FEEM and U Siena), Alireza Naghavi and Giovanni Prarolo (FEEM and U Bologna): "Intellectual property rights and South-North R&D linkages"
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  • Alireza Naghavi ((FEEM and U Bologna) and Chiara Strozzi (FEEM and U Modena): "Intellectual property rights, migration, and diaspora" more

INGINEUS semi-plenary session
"Global Innovation Networks in the memory of Jo Lorentzen"

Discussant: Alireza Naghavi, (University of Bologna and FEEM)

  • Helena Barnard (GIBS, U Pretoria) and Cristina Chaminade (CIRCLE, U Lund): "Global Innovation Networks: what are they and where can we find them? (Conceptual and empirical issues)"
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  • KJ Joseph and Vinoj Abraham (CDS): "Global Innovation Networks or Global Innovation Traps? A study of university industry interaction in India’s ICT sector"
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  • Michael Gastrow (HSRC), in co-authorship with Jo Lorentzen (HSRC): "Multinational strategies, local human capital, and Global Innovation Networks in the automotive industry" [cancelled]

For the complete programme of the Conference, please click here.
For further information on GLOBELICS, please visit their web site.