final conference

The Final Conference on "Globalisation of Innovation"  has been organised by Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and held on 9th December 2011 at the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation.

Innovation is a key component of success for all world regions and works as a central platform  through which government actions and businesses efforts can interact. We are witnessing a surge in knowledge-intensive activities by firms in catch-up economies, which are altering the geography of ideas and their commercialisation across the globe. This clearly has implications for the EU in terms of international competition and growth strategy.In three years of activities, the EU research project INGINEUS has mapped the new geography of knowledge-intensive activities and has put an initiative in understanding the concept of Global Innovation Networks (GINs). 

The Final Conference shed light on:

  • Threats and opportunities from the rapid growth of newly emerging economies
  • Policy options to attract knowledge and to stimulate creation of GINs with latecomer economies
  • The role of institutional frameworks in the EU and emerging economies
  • How EU firms can tap into external knowledge sources

The Conference has also been an opportunity to discuss the results of the project with the EU, stakeholders and a selected audience from the S&T community. It also aimed at exploring possible new collaborations in the field of Global Innovation Networks.


Welcome and introduction

  • Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero (EC) more
  • Alireza Naghavi (FEEM & U. of Bologna): "EU research on innovation: present activities and horizon 2020 perspectives" more

Global innovation networks and innovation policy

  • Susana Borrás (CBS): "Global innovation networks: foresight and policy implications" more

The INGINEUS survey

  • Helena Barnard (GIBS): "Global innovation networks: what are they and where can we find them? Conceptual and empirical issues" more

External discussant on survey

  • Björn Jindra (IWH): "Is there a need for novel data on firms' internationalisation and the globalisation of innovation?" more

Prospective implications of offshored knowledge-based activities: outlook for industries in the EU

  • Heidi Wiig Aslesen (NIFU STEP): "GIN patterns in selected sectors" more

Changing roles of sub-national regions in the evolution of GINs

  • Cristina Chaminade (ULUND): "Do regions make a difference? Exploring the role of regional innovation systems and institutions in global innovation networks" more

Strategies of R&D offshoring and its long-run impact on European firms

  • Vandana Ujjual (UoS): "International R&D Strategies of EU MNEs and Integration into GINs" more
  • Davide Castellani (LdA): "The effects of international R&D on innovation and performance in the EU" more

External discussant on case studies

  • Lukasz Grzybowski (FEEM & U. of Cape Town): "R&D offshoring strategies and performance of firms: summary of evidence" more

The perspective of the South: the role of competence building and institutional frameworks in the emergence of GINs

  • Glenda Kruss (HSRC): "The relationship between capability building and the evolution of GINs" more
  • Gustavo Britto (CEDEPLAR-UFMG): "Firm ownership and university-industry linkages in Brazil and South Africa" more

Concluding remarks

Programme: - [download]

List of participants: - [download]